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Frequently asked questions about registration

  • What is Wild Apricot (or WA)?
Wild Apricot is the membership database/software we are using to make the registration process smoother, and more accurate (reading hand writing isn't always the easiest). Moving forward, it will allow us to instantly know who has registered, their exact information, and what they are participating in. 

It allows our members to update their information, whenever it changes (simply by logging into your Wild Apricot account), and eliminates the need for most membership forms to be re-filled out every year.

Annual renewals should be a breeze, and as quick as checking over your information, making any updates, and paying your fees, either online via PayPal through Wild Apricot, or in person, after you've updated your information, and are ready to participate!

  • What is the membership period for Cruisers Sports?
Our annual membership period runs from September 1 to August 31.

  • Why do I need a unique email address?
Wild Apricot requires every member to have their own email address. We strongly encourage users to go to and set up a free email address to use, if you need. More information.

  • I don't want to receive email blasts. What do I do?
Just log into your profile, click the emails tab, and opt-out of emails.

  • I want to receive email blasts. What do I do?
Just log into your profile, click the Emails tab, and opt-in to emails. If you're not a Cruisers Member and you would like to subscribe, just click the Subscribe tab above!

  • What if I don't have access to a desktop or laptop computer?
No problem! Wild Apricot is fully mobile friendly, so you can sign up on your phone easily! We will also have tablets at the first few registration dates, and we can arrange to have access to one if we are expecting you. 

  • Can I register online and pay in person? 
Of course! We accept cash, cheque, and credit or debit cards through Square -- if you don't want to pay online via PayPal.

  • Do I have to register online?
YES! Every member and volunteer will need to register online BEFORE PARTICIPATING.

  • Why do I need to provide my medical information?
Our Trainers and/or Coaches need this in the unfortunate even that an emergency happens. Saftey is our number one priority. Having this information could save valuable time.

  • I am missing a bit of my information, or my information has changed. What do I do?
Just log into your Wild Apricot account, click on the Contact Details tab, and the Edit button beside the Profile heading. Update whatever is missing, or incomplete. It's that easy!

  • Why don't I see Sledge Hockey on the Sports program list?
This is now known as Para Ice Hockey in the greater community, and we have updated our program name to match.

Still have questions?
Contact  Liza or Skotty for more information.

Cruisers Sports
9-6975 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle
Suite #158
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2V7

Questions on this registration process? Feel free to send us an email!

Liza Sneyd Director of Registration

Scott Legassie - Webmaster; Director at Large

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